Different Types of Agricultural Equipments

As the population of the nation grows the requirement for food and organic products also improves. The farmers and farm land entrepreneurs have to do their best to generate more products so that they fulfill the increased requirements. These days technology has led the way and modified the way agricultural actions are conducted. There are different kinds of agricultural equipments and farming tools which can now be used by farmers. Although they are very costlier, they can really help a lot in improving effectiveness and improving generate product. Some of the different kinds of equipments are described below.

seed planter for tractor


This is the most widely used equipment in the farm. A tractor draws large things and resources needed in the production. It has two large tires at the back and two little tires at the front side. Today tractors are more improved. They have comfortable chairs, durable tires and body and heat range control.

Broadcast seeder

It is an equipment that is connected to the tractor so that the seeds will be allocated all over the ground. The seeds are situated in a hopper which has several rotor blades inside. Spinning disks are also situated so that you can distribute the seeds in different styles.


Before growing, the soil should be cultivated by mixing and pulverizing. This is to aerate the soil. Like the tractor, this equipment also has two big tires at the back and two small tires at the front side. It also has shanks or tooth which will cultivate the ground once the equipment is operational.


Plants are prone to insect infestation. You need to protected them by consistently implementing pesticides. You can only do this when you have a sprayer. It helps the work especially if your land is wide. You can also use the self- powered row-crop sprayer which has four tires. The sprayer is usually found at the back of this equipment.


When the plants are already ready to be harvested, a harvester is used. All kinds of grain can be gathered by a harvester. It works three different tasks. It can cut the plants, eliminate the completed product and clean the waste from the product.

With these different kinds of farm and agricultural equipment, farmers have been able to generate a higher variety of products at a lesser cost. They have turned out to be a blessing to the farmers. In some places, farmers may also be able to protected loans from banks to purchase such machinery or equipment.

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