Farming Technological innovation with Using Agriculture Technology

Agriculture Technological innovation is a technical strategy (engineering) is widely in farming that is needed to transform natural sources in an efficient and effective for use by people. Thus, in a methodical technological innovation, agricultural engineering area still relies on the area of engineering sciences to fix various issues in farming.

Agricultural engineering language as the equivalent of Agriculture Technological innovation was introduced in Philippines in half the 90’s. Earlier language that is used more directly, namely the adopting of agricultural mechanization of Agriculture Mechanization, since the early 90’s along with the introduction and use of trucks for agricultural intensification program.

Scope of agricultural methods, among others, is as follows: Devices and equipment agricultural farming, studying the use, maintenance and growth of machine tools and agricultural farming. Techniques of land and water, examine the issues associated with watering, maintenance and efficiency of ground and rivers. Power and Electrification of Agriculture, covers the principles of your and power technological innovation and its program in agricultural activities. Of ecological and agricultural structures, such as the process of planning and construction of special structures for agricultural purposes, such as plant and equipment self storage space units, central handling and heating and cooling techniques and appropriate ecological conditions. Techniques of meals handling and agricultural products, the use of machines for preparing plants, either for storage space or used as meals or use of any other.

Seed Drills

The growth of program technological innovation in the Nineteen-eighties to give impact on agricultural engineering, with the growth of techniques and management aspects of agricultural mechanization, which is use of management and analysis program for the execution of agricultural mechanization.
 Subsequent improvements, in the Twentieth millennium toward the Twenty first millennium relevant to computational technological innovation, technological innovation, brain and muscle through the reliable management techniques, expert techniques, artificial intelligence by means of program of spiders in farming, making farming methods developed into a program of agricultural methods (Agricultural System Engineering).

Formal item by means of reproductive activity plants and creatures and aquatic biota contacted more generally as a program of biologically-oriented farming in a natural problem-solving. In this strategy to scientific sources by means of micro organism / organism also used as a official item in the production and increased biomass. In some colleges and universities in America and Japan, course or department formerly Agriculture Technological innovation, now replaced by the name of Biological Systems Technological innovation.


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